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“Wellness is the achievement of a healthy balance of the mind, body & spirit that results in an overall feeling of well being”

Wellness; the latest catch phrase being incorporated into the business and school ethos, focuses on various lifestyle determinants that encourage and promote overall health and prevention of disease. Encouraging employees and students to achieve these goals will contribute towards increased productivity and learning as well as less down time and fewer sick days. Investing in wellness not only promotes health, it also promotes physical and mental wellbeing.

I facilitate wellness programs in both the corporate and educational environs by providing education on diet and food intake. Programmes can be structured based on a variety of topics relevant to the audience and amount of time allowed. Topics are to be discussed ahead of time and are flexible depending on the need of the client.

Individual employee or student assessments and eating plans can be completed upon request.

Discovery Vitality members will earn vitality points by booking a dietitian consult and submitting proof thereof to Discovery.

Kerryn is a registered dietitian in private practice in Durban. She is specialised as both a paediatric dietitian and a sports dietitian.

“There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does”

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‘Thank you so much for all your efforts and pushing me so far.’

Hayley Joseph. Iron Man & Comrades Athlete.

‘Our whole family has made changes to our diets. We love our new foods. I can see a drastic change in Devan without using any medication!’

Devan’s mom.

‘It’s great to have a “real” eating plan for the first time in my life after trying so many!’

Pam Maritz.

‘Love the meal & race day plan. Think this could be a game changer. Thanks a mil for all your input, love working with you!’

John Grobler. Iron Man Athlete.

'The visit to you has made a difference. She is eating vegetables now.’

Kirthi’s mom.

‘The eating plan is great. I’ve started to notice that I’m feeling more consistent in terms of energy levels throughout the day.’

Sonja Cech.

'You helped me feel a lot more positive. I had been feeling very concerned about my level of tiredness and low energy!’

Jessica Chaplin.

'Thank you. By far the best advice I have had for my health in general.’

Garrick Armstrong.