My partners and affiliates

Elrigh Grace
Profession : Personal Trainer
Contact : +27 83 236 0641
Website :

After winning the AFL title in 2012, Elrigh left MMA to pursue personal training and running his gym full time. Part owner of Health & Fitness Solutions; Elrigh combines his passion for people and his love for fitness & health by motivating his clients in a friendly, fun and professional environment to reach their desired personal goals. As a health and fitness enthusiast; Elrigh is a knowledgeable and committed trainer dedicated to providing high quality and innovative training to individuals of all fitness levels. His styles of training range from functional, Strength and Boxing with an MMA influence.

Mark Carroll
Profession : Cycling Coach
Contact : +27 31 767 2911
Website :

Cadence Cycling started with the realisation that training with power made perfect sense and nobody was really taking advantage of this fact. A studio with bikes with power meters provided an ideal environment to accurately test cyclists and then control intensity during training to stimulate rapid performance improvements. Today, Cadence has grown to include branches in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Hayley Arthur
Profession : Biokineticist and Sports Scientist
Contact : +27 79 670 7962
Website :

Hayley is a competitive athlete, qualified Biokineticist and Sports Scientist. After finishing her biokinetics internship at the University of Pretoria, Hayley made the South African National rowing squad and became a full-time athlete, thereafter competing internationally in both sculling and pairs rowing for several years. Hayley specialises in orthopaedic rehabilitation, along with a special interest in sport-specific strength and conditioning.

Lynne Mackey
Profession : Biokineticist and Sports Scientist
Contact : +27 73 133 2843
Website :

Lynne Mackey studied a degree in sport science at the University of Kwa-zulu Natal, followed by honours in Biokinetics. She thrives on being able to help individuals struggling with injuries to regain their strength and to help them return to their sport or assist sedentary patients to live a more functional pain free life.

Mariska Grace
Profession : Personal Trainer and Athlete
Contact : +27 82 568 4873
Website :

Mariska is one of the finest Personal Trainers and athletes in Durban. She represented South Africa in netball and surfing, warrior athlete and trail runner. She has a love for fitness, natural athletic ability and intense discipline, these elements combined with a passion to see lives changed are contagious and inspire clients to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime. Her methods of training see clients changing their mind-set towards exercise and in turn automatically changing their lifestyle – for the better!

Rowland Visser
Profession : My Training Day Coach
Contact : +27 82 331 2287
Website :

Rowland is a coach and an athlete. He has 20 comrades and 10 iron man races under his belt. He works with both professional and recreational athletes in helping them to achieve their training and event goals.

‘ I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you again for your help and commitment.’

Michael Hay. Multi Day Endurance Athlete.

‘You've played a big role in Madi's development. We are very grateful for the work you do. You've been an incredible support to us.’

Madison’s mom.

‘Thank you, I truly appreciate your help in getting me into a new improved lifestyle.’

Neil Fynn.

‘My racing has been awesome. Never felt tired at any point. My eating plan is the bomb, I am not ever changing.’

Natalie Bergstrom. SA Masters MTB Cross Country.

‘I have already seen an improvement. She has been eating her dinner without us having to remind her to chew or hurry up.’

Kelsey’s mom.

'Thank you for the inspirational session. I feel like I have a new lease on life & I am ecstatic to begin my healthy regime.’

Paula Lewis.

‘My race went great - did a personal best. Been sticking to my plan with nutrition & its really helping.’

Miroslav Fischer. Iron Man Athlete.

‘My wife & I were extremely pleased with the huge weight that was lifted after the consult. Thank you!’

Kimeya’s dad.

‘The session was exactly what I needed to kick start the road to a healthier lifestyle.’

Subashni Govender.

‘I felt really strong throughout. I had a great & enjoyable race. Thanks again for all your help.’

Jono Cech. Cape Epic.

‘The visit to you has made a difference. She is eating vegetables now.’

Kirthi’s mom.

‘You helped me feel a lot more positive. I had been feeling very concerned about my level of tiredness & low energy!’

Jessica Chaplin.